Hyve-3D 2017, point cloud implementation

Hyve-3D 2017, point cloud implementation.

Hyve-3D in the Korean TV

Hyve-3D was featured by EBS during a visit of the Design Research Laboratory Hybridlab at the University of Montreal.

Hyve-3D at Siggraph 2015

Hyve-3D is an immersive design and visualization system. It allows creating three-dimensional sketches and viewing them real time in 3D. It is intended for the use of architects, designers, animators, engineers and artists.

This video shows the non-tracked version of our software utilized in immersive and non-immersive settings.

Hyve-3D at Bloomberg

Hybrid Virtual Environment 3D featured at Bloomberg TV.

Design Collaboration in Hyve-3D

Hybrid Virtual Environment 3D featured in different design collaboration scenarios.

Hyve-3D Teaser Video

Interact, Navigate, Sketch! A short glimpse into what Hyve-3D offers.

Hyve-3D Demo

A general overview of the utilization and functions of Hyve-3D.

Hyve-3D Interaction

Taking a closer look on the interaction in Hyve-3D. Showing drawing area placement, sketching, zooming and navigation. Here two users are working of the sketch-design of a car.

Hyve-3D Interaction

A video showing how easy it is to navigate inside your sketch. In this video two users are working on the 3d-sketch of a house, easily changing their view between inside and outside points of vantage, and simultaneously working on different scales.